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Summer Strobe Series - Small Flash Workshop

Are you ready to take your photography to the next level? Grow beyond natural light to the unlimited possibilities of strobe lighting. When you bring your own light to a photo shoot, you're no longer at the mercy of the existing light and unpredictable weather. In this workshop Erik will cover strobe lighting from A to Z. He’ll take you through all of the reasons why you would want to add your own light, to all of the ways applying that light can enhance a portrait, overpower the sun, or create a completely new environment of your own.

Small Flash Workshop: $45
Date: Tuesday, 7/31 | 2-5pm

Speedlights offer a compact lighting solution that allows you to take light with you wherever you go. Once you understand their potential, you can use speedlights to enhance your images and the overall quality of your photography with ease. In this first workshop you'll go from 0-60 in a single afternoon, learning everything you need to know to get started with OCF "Off-Camera Flash" photography.

After an informative presentation, attendees will break into small groups and with Erik's guidance will be setup to experiment with multiple lighting set-ups and light modifiers. Then we will meet up with some professional models and head out into Madison Square Park to learn more advanced speedlight techniques that help you find the right exposure every time, empower you to get those beautiful blurry backgrounds, and to even compete with the sun on a bright day.

We're bringing the lights, the models and the know-how, you just bring your camera gear and memory cards!

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