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WPPI Photowalk - Resort-Style Environmental Portraiture

PW04 Resort-Style Environmental Portraiture

  • Room: Westgate Pavilion 4
  • Session Number:PW04
  • Tuesday, February 07, 2017: 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM

On this Photo Walk you will get to combine incredible Las Vegas resort lifestyle locations with a professional model and tons of location lighting advice from New York City Assignment Photographer, Erik Valind. Valind will introduce you to various pieces of natural-lighting equipment to help you tame bright sunlight while adding that extra pop to your outdoors portraits. You'll learn the trick to finessing the best possible light out of your reflectors, as well as how to diffuse and redirect harsh direct sunlight. You'll then explore the grounds of the resort to find the perfect shooting locations. Valind will explain the thought process behind selecting each location, and with the help of a beautiful model you'll get to jump in and photograph too. You'll leave this photo walk inspired to get outside to shoot more often, with tips and tricks to knock that next shoot out of the park.

Tracks: Lighting & Posing

Sponsored by: Tamron

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