Beach Fitness

Shooting beach fitness workouts would provide plenty chaotic (non-linear) random movements which will stress the autofocus. Also the sand spray adds a dynamic element for more impactful images.  Using the gymnastic rings on the beach allows us to frame the sky for simpler compositions, and the movement of the athlete can be quite fast, requiring better autofocus to capture.

Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball takes the beautiful location and dynamic explosions of sand and adds the possibility for multiple subjects. And seeing its an actual sport, it will be easier for consumers to translate to photographing other sports.

BMX / Cycling

With BMX riders and cycling we really ramp up the speed of the subject, further stressing the cameras autofocus capabilities. This also creates the possibility for composites, showing the rider multiple times in a single images. This would be a great way to demonstrate the speeding capture rate of the camera on top of the autofocus speed.


Taking the BMX and kicking it up a notch in speed and unbelievable aerials we have motocross. There are tons of great locations here in the US to capture insane sand sprays and huge jumps with backdrops mimicing that of Mars.


This is the most accessible sport for people to participate in and for Fuji consumers to be able to photograph. That doesn't mean that it is easy or boring! NYC offers some challenging urban runs. When shooting in busy downtown or on the bridges having the subject run behind objects and reappear in the frame would be a great way to demonstrate autofocus speed of acquisition, and ability to maintain subject lock without searching if the subject temporarily goes out of sight.

Parkour / Freestyle Running

Building on running and making it more epic and interesting we can start running and jumping off of everything! The movements are still fast, but now the stakes are raised because you only get one chance to nail the decisive moment. The camera's autofocus better be fast and accurate! Visually we can employ strobes, smoke etc to add more impact to the images as well.

BONUS - I've been doing a lot of GIFs and looping animations and many parkour moves lend themselves perfectly to create animations for the campaign. It can further hammer home the speed and accuracy point... a photo only needs to be in focus once, in an animation every frame needs to be in foucs as the subject flies around.

Boxing / Martial Arts

This category offers us the most control when it comes to location. We can stay in NYC and we aren't at the mercy of the weather. It also lets us showcase the autofocus differently by working with shallower depth of field in tight compositions ie the boxer and the bag, two boxers sparring etc.